Health Assessment through Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Technology that allows its users to save and store all their medical and health records digitally.

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Access your Health information hassle free any time, any where.

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Access all your Healthcare needs under one Roof through wide Channel Partner Network.

About Healtho

One of its kind, revolutionary digital platform that makes recording, retrieval and analysis of health records and reports real-time, seamless and stress-free. Germinated from the customer need-gap of inefficiencies during emergencies, Healtho facilitates during a possible health emergency.
Healtho is your saviour, it is an electronic Medical Record Technology. An App and a web-portal that allows its users to save and store all their Medical records digitally.
It enables and fosters easy communication and interaction between individuals and healthcare professionals, thus making healthcare information and essential analytics for individuals accessible and on demand and as for professional healthcare providers make patient management a more seamless experience.


Healtho is

Affordable Optimized Customizable FullycIntegrated EMRcSoftware

Why Healtho

A holistic, seamless approach to Health!

  • Improved patient experience
  • Increased participation of patients and interaction with professional service providers
  • Improved diagnostics and treatment plans
  • Efficient and cost saving
  • Digital storage of records – Information on demand, eliminate the human error of losing records.
  • Health analytics – Receive your health information as intelligent and analytical chart that share trends and possibilities.
  • Easy health management – reminders, dosage tracking, medicine replenishment all these help your daily health related tasks easy.
  • Easy management of your medical expenses, insurance details etc.
  • Genetic analysis
  • Health tips – Healtho depending on your profile and analysis provides you with customized health tips also has general health tips pertaining to seasons and diseases.
And much much more.


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